Celeborn Collectables is a site where I will be selling my extensive collection of memorabilia from the Hard Rock Cafe and others.

I first visited the Hard Rock Café in London as a callow teenager a few months after it opened in 1971. Since then I’ve visited 46 Hard Rock Café’s, Bars or Hotels – although some (Guadalajara, Leeds, Newport Beach, Nottingham…) have closed and some (Madrid, New York, San Francisco) have relocated.

I can’t recall the first Hard Rock Café bear I bought, but over the years I bought my late wife bears from every Café I visited, bought others from a ‘well known online auction site’ and other cute branded bears.

I also have a selection of other Hard Rock memorabilia, including 40th Anniversary pieces.

I lost my wife a few years ago, so it’s time to allow others to enjoy my collection, and so I will be offering the collection here, online.

Please get in touch if you want to buy multiple items, or make me an offer, I’m not bound by auction site rules, so will always consider a reasonable offer